At the river's edge
At last! At the river’s edge. November 27, 2019.

Good question! I purchased my property on the Olympic Peninsula back when my website was I knew I wanted to name it, but I couldn’t come up with the right name. It needed to reflect my purpose, or my goal, for the property, a place where women, especially, could come and learn wilderness skills and bushcrafting. View of the river from the bluff at River SongPerhaps something with the word Sanctuary or Peace(ful) in it, like “Peaceful Waters.” But nothing sounded quite right.

And then I wrote my first blog post about it, and when I went to publish it, I suddenly realized I didn’t have a category for it. Uh oh! I needed a category. What should I call it?

River Song! It was perfect! And so, River Song began first as a category for my blog posts about my property. But, I never intended for it to become the name of my property.

And then I quickly realized how well it also worked as a name. I really liked it. It’s peaceful. River SongIt reminds me of the ever-present sound of my river.

And, it’s also the name of one of my favorite characters from the Dr. Who series. I love River Song!

And so, River Song became the name of my little piece of wilderness.So that’s why my property, and now my website, is called River Song. You can read more about my website’s name switch in my blog post “A New Beginning (Again!)